Uniform Guidelines for the "Old Company"


The table below will provide some indication of the uniform guidelines for the US Engineers.  Before making any purchases, new members are strongly encouraged to contact the unit for any clarifications.  Don't be too put off by the expense of purchasing.  We can help out new recruits with our Company equipment until you can afford to get your own.

There are many other options for a soldier besides what we've mentioned.  If you have any doubts about your kit, please check with the 1st Sgt before buying or bringing them to an event.  The rule is to simply make all items period correct.


Coat/ Blouse: Enlisted Personnel- US style frock coat with yellow piping and shoulder scales is required for dress and is acceptable without scales for certain fatigue duties.  Yellow chevrons on dress uniform are required when appropriate.  Federal Eagle or Engineer Branch buttons are acceptable.

Enlisted Personnel: US sack or shell are acceptable for fatigue.  Rank is suggested but not required on fatigue uniform.  Federal eagle buttons for fatigue blouse.  Engineer Branch buttons are acceptable.

Officers: For dress- US style Jr. Officer's frock, untrimmed.  Staff (dark blue) shoulder straps with appropriate rank will be worn on shoulders.  Epaulettes of appropriate period style may be worn at the officer's discretion.

Officers: For fatigue duty officers may wear a frock, sack coat or shell jacket.  Frock will have shoulder straps as above, sack and shell jackets may wear straps or subdued rank at the officer's discretion.  Engineer buttons are required for all officer coats.


Head Gear: Enlisted Personnel- For dress purposes a model 1858 Army Hat (Hardee) is required.  Enlisted personnel should wear the enlisted (untrimmed brim) style hat.  The hat will be looped up on the left side as per the March 1861 General Order.  A brass eagle device will hold the loop in place.  Enlisted will wear a cord of yellow and a single feather as per the 3/61 orders.  The front of the hat should have the Engineer device with a brass 'A' above it. See Illustration A

Enlisted Personnel- For fatigue duty a M1858 Forage Cap is required.  Hat should be trimmed with an Engineer Castle device placed on top in the location of the soldier's discretion.  The letter 'A' above the castle is worn at the soldiers discretion.  See Illustration B

Enlisted Personnel may also wear a civilian style hat of period design during work duties.  Civilian hats must also display the Engineer Device 

Officers-For dress purposes officers will wear an officer type M1858 Army Hat.  It will be trimmed with a gold and black cord.  An embroidered eagle will hold the loop of the hat up.  Hat will be looped on the right for officers.  An embroidered wreath of laurel and palm in gold with a silver Engineers' castle will be worn in front.  See Illustration C

Officers may wear a model M1858 Forage Cap during fatigue.  The hat will be trimmed with a small Engineer device or Engineer Wreath placed at the officer's discretion. See Illustration D

Officers may wear period appropriate civilian hats during work duty.  Hats will display a small version of the Engineer Wreath present on the front of the officer Army Hat.





Shirt: Officers and enlisted-Period appropriate military or civilian shirts are acceptable.  White shirts are required for dress occasions.

Trousers: Enlisted: Dark blue trousers are preferred for dress.  Light blue trousers are acceptable in good condition.  Yellow stripes are required for NCOs. 

Enlisted: Light blue or dark blue trousers are appropriate for fatigue duty. Yellow stripes are required where appropriate.  Period appropriate suspenders are required.

Officers: Dark blue trousers are acceptable for dress and fatigue.  Dark blue trousers must have the gold welting.



Boots: All Personnel-Brogans preferred, jack boots acceptable.  No riding boots.

Belt: Black 2" waist belt, black with US buckle.

 Cartridge Box: Standard Federal issue .58 caliber box with US plate and Federal Eagle Chest plate.

 Cap Box: Any of period arsenal design in black.

 Canteen:  Stainless or tin are acceptable, smooth or bulls-eye with cloth cover. Leather sling is preferred but cotton is acceptable.  No tin drum style canteens.

Haversack: Black tarred type required.  Standard Federal issue.

Bayonet Scabbard: Springfield type required.  Sewn, two rivet or seven rivet are acceptable.  No Enfield scabbards.

Sword: NCO: There are two options for NCOs regarding the wear of the sword.

A: 2" US issue baldric with Federal Eagle breast plate.  M1840 NCO sword. 

B: Standard belt frog to accept the M1840 scabbard.

Scabbard appropriate for M1840 style sword.  Leather scabbard preferred, metal acceptable.

Officer Sword: M1850 staff pattern with period appropriate belt.

Weapon: Enlisted: Enfield M53 or 1861 Springfield rifled musket.  Suitable bayonet required.

Officers: Period pistol at the officer's discretion

**Note- as Engineers we don't often carry arms and as such this purchase can be put off for some time.

Accessories- to be self sustaining in the field, soldiers need to have the following items at a minimum.

Cup: Tin or stainless of period design.  No porcelained metal.

Eating Utensils: Knife, fork and spoon of period design

Metal Plate or canteen half: required.  Tin or stainless is acceptable. Plain preferred, US stamped acceptable.


 Shelter Half/ Dog Tent: Optional.  The company tent will sleep the unit at this time. 

*If you one buy make sure there is another soldier who will share his half or you'll need to buy both halves.

 Great Coat: Optional but strongly recommended.  Federal foot pattern in sky blue.

Blanket: Optional but strongly suggested. Period style without finished hems (2 are suggested)

 Vest:Optional. Appropriate military pattern in dark or light blue with Federal Eagle or Engineer buttons.

 Knapsack/ Pack: Black tarred without frame.

Ground cloth and/ or poncho is strongly suggested.

A downloadable checklist in .doc format can be obtained by clicking the link here.

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