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These are in no particular order and the notes to the right arebased solely on our experience in dealing with the various entities.  No review or comment is solicited in any way shape or form.

Of local interest to Western New Yorkers, those visiting the area or who are interested in Living History and re-enacting.

Echoes Through Time
Learning Center and Museum
This little gem is Western New York's only Civil War museum.  Residing in Eastern Hills Mall in Williamsville, NY it is an entirely not-for-profit enterprise.  Run by Steve Teeft and Tom Place, the museum boasts over 50 displays of Civil War related items and is maintained by an all volunteer staff.  Free but donations are gratefully accepted.  They will also present for schools, scout groups, churches... on site or at your location.  100% of the proceeds are donated to the Civil War Preservation Trust.  A must see location in WNY.
The Politician Sutler
Run by Dick and Pat Lemke this is the source for top quality Civil War period clothing.  Regardless of whether you want a uniform, civilian coat or ladies gown, Miss Pat is the best.  The quality of her work is far superior to the low price on-line sutlers as well as those high priced outfits.  Pieces are all made to order- custom work.  Nothing in the WNY area comes close.
Union Volunteers
Fife& Drum Corps

Jim Pace and Brian Seibel run this excellent Civil War musical unit.  They are expert musicians as well as historians who not only play period music but also do presentations about music of the 19th century.  They are often seen in parades and at events throughout the Western New York region.
The 49th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Captain Mike Lavis and President Dan Wilcosz head this excellent infantry unit out of the Buffalo area.  Presently it is the largest company in the Western New York area and continues to grow because of its outstanding reputation and friendly environment.  The 49th are experts in the infantry drill but also in the skirmish and are very active in several events throughout the year.

Fall Creek Sutlery

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This sutler is a source of quality merchandise but watch out for shipping costs!  There's and $11 minimum on most orders and I recently paid $8 for shipping on two hat patches. The merchandise is often out of stock as well and shipping dates are often much longer.  Nice and polite on the phone but the actual service...
Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot
This sutler offers excellent quality for the money.  It is not"high end" but is very serviceable equipment and is great for the beginner.  He offers more than is actually on his website and plenty more through his eBay Store as well.  Contact him directly through his website to ask about items.  Very easy to work with and excellent service too.  We highly recommend this sutler.
Milk Creek Mercantile
This excellent sutler offers good prices, quality merchandise and reasonable shipping.  I've always had the best experiences when buying through them.

6th Ohio Volunteer Infantry 

This is one of the sharper and more developed units you will find anywhere.  The professionalism of their web site speaks to the quality of the unit.

The Quartermaster Shop

The goods produced by this sutler are excellent quality sutler level uniforms.  They are the top of the heap in that category.  Not CJ Daley but outstanding quality and an enormous variety of impressions.  Pricey but worth it.  Good to work with too.  Very highly recommended.

The web sites below may be of interest to those of you trying to expand your knowledge of military engineering and the US Corps of Engineers.
Civil War in Photographs- Engineers
Headgear of the Engineers
Confederate Engineers in the Civil War
50th NY Volunteer Engineers
1st Michigan Engineers
15th New York Volunteer Engineers
1st New York Volunteer Engineers
1861 Uniform Regulations
The Civil War Reenactment HQ

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