Living History Videos

The videos below were taken at the West Seneca Civil War Days event at Burchfield Nature Preserve in West Seneca, NY.


At the September 2011 Civil War Days in West Seneca's gem of a park I was fortunate to have a few very interested young people to instruct with the Enfield Rifle.

This is a short, very rudimentary bit of instruction regarding using a bayonet.  Ray always does this so well.  I love the reaction of the people when the envelop phase is undertaken.

These are our friends Jim and Brian from the Union Fife and Drum Corps.  They are excellent musicians and really know their business regarding Civil War music and music in general.  They can be found at MANY of the WNY events, parades and reenactments.

Here we are providing some basic living history regarding the uniform coats of the Civil War.

Part 2 of the Uniform presentation was about the pants worn by the Union.

Here we are just giving some basic background regarding the Union Army.

Explaining the first "modern war" to people is always tough.  People just have a hard time picturing trench warfare etc. in the Civil War.  Someday it would be nice to be able to have trenches to demonstrate it.  Perhaps in this coming year's Garrison of Ft. Niagara.  See our schedule page for details about that.


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